Describe my work and my career? Oh, let’s see…

People have called me a storyteller, and that’s a good place to start.  Television news, freelance media developer, writer and producer of interactive media for major public works projects. I’ve had opportunities to tell lots of different stories, speaking with many different voices to a great variety of audiences.

I am a world-class fanatic of supertall buildings – no exaggeration – and my interest has landed me on television documentaries, in supertall skyscrapers from Chicago to China, and in the interviewer's chair opposite some of the world's most prominent architects and engineers. I've made some pretty interesting things happen.
While producing media at a national architecture-engineering firm, I was bitten by the GIS (Geographic Information Science) bug. Now I've got my Master's degree.  GIS is an amazing way to learn about and understand the natural and built environments, how systems work, how cities are designed. Just writing about something is never enough.

My passion is for learning, understanding and passing knowledge to people in ways that engage and educate. Media is one way I do it, GIS is how I look at the world.  I've had many great adventures, but I firmly believe my greatest ones are yet to come. Who will they be with, and where are we headed next?

About The Window...

My personal branding is taken from a stained glass window in my grandparents’ home in west suburban Chicago, where my mother’s family lived from 1935 until 2016. The window is in a foyer, at the foot of a staircase that goes to the second floor.

On one trip back to Chicago, I saw the window and thought about all of the family history it had seen, all of the times I had walked past it without noticing and how it would eventually be passed on to new owners. I wished I had taken the time to appreciate it much earlier. So imagine my surprise when I found its fraternal twin stashed between two wall studs in the garage.

...and its Twin!

This Window is staying in the family.