Stuck on Streets

My CityEngine learning has hit a wall of sorts, or maybe I should say a fork in the road. I’ve been re-purposing rules and resources from CityEngine examples for my own efforts, but getting textures and painted lines to work on my roads has been a real hassle. One look at the diagram above explains why texturing street geometry isn’t an easy task. This is just one issue I’m fighting as I try to pull a number of things together — CityEngine, CGA, SketchUp, Unreal Engine and GeodesignHub.

But yet, this single thing with the roads is a stubborn logjam that has been holding me back on everything else. My initial project has lots of terrain, lots of different surfaces but very little in the way of a street graph to help me get all of my elements to play together nicely. To tame the monster, I’ve been studying the CGA rules from ESRI’s “Complete Streets 2016.0” and “Redlands Redevelopment 2016.0” examples (download these by going to Help > Download Tutorials and Examples). I’ve been spending untold hours over the last few weeks going over them, breaking them down, diagramming and analyzing them, all to get in-depth knowledge and total control.

My goal is to create my own set of rules and resources I can use on multiple projects. The familiarity will enable me to more easily alter or add to the rules as I need to. I expect much of using CityEngine will require using existing rules packages and customizing them as needed, so this should be useful experience.

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