About Tutorial Notes and CGA Code Lessons

Where the heck was this skill covered? How well do I remember this?

Tutorial Notes are my notes to myself, summarizing subject tutorials and the skills covered in them.  Some posts may be checklists I review periodically to see if there are skills or subjects I don’t remember, need to work on or try to remember where the heck I learned about them.

  • To access tutorials and examples, go to Help > Download Tutorials and Examples. Check the tutorials you want to download and click Finish (Figure 1).
  • To access CityEngine resources on the web, go to Help > CityEngine on the Web.
  • ESRI has a CityEngine channel on YouTube. Tutorial videos can be viewed there.

CGA Code Lessons focus on specific functions and operations. I will often slow down and take the time to master these when working through tutorials or projects.

Figure 1: The Tutorials download window in CityEngine.

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