At a Geodesign Workshop, University of Minnesota, April 2018.

Dr. Carl Steinitz talks about Geodesign at a session the evening before the workshop.

Here was my packet of transparencies and three Sharpie markers: red and green for my Assessment Model and blue as my team color.

Transparency #1: A simple street map.

Transparency #2: Building footprints and use areas.

Transparency #3: A color use map.

Our systems team assignments on the white board.

Each systems team prepares overlays of their area change/don't change assessments. All are laid out on tables.

Change teams "synthesize" designs by picking up transparencies for projects they like.

Change teams "synthesize" designs by picking up transparencies for projects they like.

A design proposal is created by overlaying all of the project transparencies.

A finished, synthesized design proposal consisting of a number of transparent overlays. They had to search far and wide for an overhead projector!

Geodesign IS collaboration and negotiation.

The workshop produced six strategic proposals for change in seven hours.

A chilly day at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. 2018 was the year winter held on into mid-April across much of the country. It was in the 30s (F) in Minneapolis and down to single digits at night.

Joy's Pattaya Thai on Lyndale Ave South in Richfield was incredible!

For me, Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins, had all the street appeal of a Trump border wall. It makes me appreciate what we have in Kansas City. The Twins home opener began in 39-degree weather. No, I did not go!

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