Merging CityEngine and ArcGIS Pro Workflows – #1: A Single Workspace

Now that I’m merging CityEngine and ArcGIS Pro workflows, what do I do about merging CE and Pro workspaces for the same project?  What I want is one workspace folder that includes ALL project related files. I don't want to hunt for products from one app when I'm working with another.

Whenever we create a new CE or Pro project, we are asked where the project files should be stored, a workspace folder, which I have named and located at C:\Users\Jeff\Workspace. The top portion of the diagram below shows what the workspace folder looks like after I have created projects in both CityEngine and ArcGIS Pro. The individual project folders are shown below.  The ce.lib, ESRI.lib and .metadata folders are automatically created in the workspace if they do not already exist.

Let's say I have already created a CityEngine Project and I want to create a new parallel ArcGIS Pro project. To co-locate my Pro assets all I have to do is create my Pro project in the the CE project file and UNCHECK the option to "create a new folder for this project". The diagram below shows the files from the two folders above are nicely located in the same place.


HOWEVER, if I try to create a new CityEngine project in an existing ArcGIS Pro project folder, I'm going to have problems:

It would seem I can't create a new CE project this way. Of course, I could create a separate CE project (like the project called "Another" in my first folder structure diagram) and simply move the files over to my Pro project folder, but that's not particularly elegant.

What prompted me to do this? The "Desert City" tutorial I'm working on directs us to create a separate geodatabase and feature classes for "intervention" design changes in the existing model. It makes sense to create different feature classes for modifications, but it seems kinda dumb to have separate workspaces or even geodatabases, particularly when "interventions" have no context without a starting point.

We'll see how this goes.

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From ESRI documentation:

“Workspace folders and geodatabases provide the primary containers to store and manage geographic information for ArcGIS. Workspace folders are simply file folders on disk that hold numerous file and personal geodatabases, file-based datasets, and a series of ArcGIS documents.”

“ A CityEngine project comprises assets, rule files, scene files, and any other file related to that project. Rule files usually reference asset files and are referenced themselves by scene files. Keeping assets, rules, and scenes in predefined locations helps you and your collaborators work with CityEngine projects, import them, export them, and exchange them.”

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