The tall-building observatory experience is not only about the view. The best observatories are as much about the space inside a building (or structure) as they are of the view outside. The skywalks in Shanghai World Financial Center and the Jin Mao Building are among the best tall-building observatories in the world, each for their own very unique reasons:

Shanghai World Financial Center's Sky Walks are located on the lower edge (97th floor) and underneath the upper edge (100th floor) of the building's trademark trapezoidal aperture.

The Jin Mao Skywalk on the 88th floor is a many-faceted, crystalline fantasy of angled windows, at an elevation where the building begins the taper to its multi-spiked crown.

The across-the-street proximity of these buildings increases the sensation of height. The total experience will be even greater when the 121-story Shanghai Tower, with its own observatory, is completed in 2014.

The Jin Mao Observatory

Shanghai World Financial Center Observatory

The Buildings As Seen From Each Other