Tutorial Notes: 08 – Mass Modeling, Part 1


Tutorial 8 moves is into mass-producing city landscapes and using random values to parameterize building shape properties. Some things didn’t look the way I expected, so let’s look at two of the operations before taking on a whole cityscape.

convexify(max length)

According to ESRI documentation, this function “splits a concave polygon into a number of convex polygons”. In Figure 1, the initial shape on the left is split into smaller polygons as seen on the right, with the split lines readily apparent. The maxLength parameter is the maximum length of the split lines that can be applied.

Note also that convexify(0) is different that convexify( ) or even convexify with no parenthesis. The value convexify(0) will result in no polygon splits as on the right of Figure 1. The values convexify( ) or convexify with no parenthesis will apply as many splits as possible as in Figure 1, right,

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